Time for your EngaGEMENT session

Engagement sessions are more than taking images & videos for announcements, Save the Dates or a Reel. They’re one of the first mile markers in the culmination to your wedding day. In fact, this low-key time is even like a wedding day dry run.

During this experience, you'll learn my posing workflow as I direct the two of you with the most flattering poses. As I provide constant direction, ensure a connection and encourage interaction, by the time your wedding day comes, you'll be a pro at posing.

Don't like being in-front of a camera?

"Me neither!"

 - The full-time videographer who does this for a living

The Importance of an Engagement Session

It takes time for most people to warm up to being filmed and to understand how I pose my couples. This session allows you to become comfortable being in front of a camera.

Consider that timelines are pretty tight on wedding days and we may only have 15 minutes for time-alone shots on the day-of. After doing this for 4 years, the wedding day always goes way smoother when couples have an engagement session ahead of time. 

While you will be learning some poses, this experience is to be treated as a date night. After our session is over, I encourage you to go out on a proper date because you will already be done up for it!

"experience To be treated As a date-Night"

- The 3rd wheel with A camera

What to expect?


I will literally tell you everything you need to do. I will even model or act it out for you. From verbal cues like "walk hand-in-hand while looking at each other," to "then bump hips like your drunk," to "look at each, now bring each other in for a kiss," and "bring your hand up to his chest or her face."


While we'll start with a prompt, I'm looking for the in-between moments where the real connection lies. While posed looks & "breaking the 4th wall" can look great & be powerful, I honestly want to feel the connection & capture genuine interactions between the two of you.


Once I direct you through some basic motions and we have a connection, its time to hit record. It's important to note now: There WILL be retakes. There will be adjustments. There will be fly away hair. There will be an outfit adjustment. Retakes are completely normal & to be expected.

"I will even model or act it out for you"

I'm not afraid

*Note for the guys*

I get it that taking pictures or video for 2 hours is not the most ideal situation and you may feel shy or awkward in front of a camera. Believe me. I know.

However, I'm going to be honest. You DO have the easiest job here. You are going to put your hand in your pocket, smile, then not smile, hold hands & kiss a little bit while I make y'all look the BEST as possible so you feel like a million bucks. If you got a good back, I may ask you do a lift.

I am not one to make you look unflattering or in compromising positions because that will only reflect poorly on me.

What to wear?

Semi-Formal & Casual Outfits

Your engagement session is a special occasion and I encourage you to get dressed up for at least one of your outfits. Consider the current weather too so you can come prepared.

Guys: preferably a suit jacket but no tie, unless it's your thing, but please wear a collared shirt or sweater with dress shoes for me, jeans are just fine.

Ladies: consider a dress with some length so we can have you twirl and we play with it for movement. don't be afraid to be bold but be comfortable, don't forget to bring backup shoes or flats, keep jewelry simple

only 1 pattern

Patterns are great but they can be distracting when they clash. To avoid this, I encourage only one of you to wear a pattern during any outfit change. We want the focus to remain on the two of you, not your clothing, so either one of you can wear a pattern, just please remember only one of you at a time.


I don't know if you can tell by now but I love monochrome. I think it's classic & clean. Black & white with a pop of gold is my favorite but I do enjoy a pop of color. If one of you chooses a color, go ahead and be bold but just be sure the colors compliment each other. I have no problem helping you pick & coordinate a color palette.

"We don't do Props here "

- Nate, your videographer

Unless it's a dog or bottle of champagne.

Professional Hair & Make Up

Hair & makeup is Required

This is not an option! I require all of my clients to get hair & makeup done before a session. When you get your professional hair & makeup done, go for the night time glam. Some clients choose to just have their hair and/or makeup done. If you need any help finding a local hair & makeup artist, believe me, I know a few!

This is also a special occasion & I want to encourage my clients to go out for a date night afterwards to take advantage of your face!

Cameras Pick up Everything

These cameras literally pick up everything. You also can not edit skin texture like how you can with photos. I repeat: I can not edit your skin the same way I can edit for photos. Meaning, you have to come camera ready with an extra layer of face to sustain being in-front of these high definition 4K cameras for hours.

Not only that, but I will be using commercial grade lighting to light you up to look as best as possible. Keep in mind, I will also be getting plenty of tight shots too.

"Give me Night time glam!"

Go ahead and go heavy


How long is the engagement session?

My engagement sessions are typically up to two hours long for two outfits and two locations.

Anything longer will require an additional hour fee.

How many outfits are included?

You may have up to two outfits for your engagement session.

You may risk squeezing in a 3rd outfit within 2 hours, but you will be cut short on content by changing time and I will charge for going over time.

How many locations?

Plan for up to two locations for your engagement session.

Don't hesitate to ask for opinions on where we should go. We'll need to consider weather as I will not shoot outside if it is raining. If we had planned for an outdoor shoot, we'll see if we can reschedule.

You are responsible for obtaining relevant permits under your name.

What about audio?

For the most part, I'm not recording the audio of me directing and posing. However, if we are filming a Love Story (not included, added extra) I will interview the both of you to gather narration for your Story.

Want to watch an Engagement film?

Take a look at what the final edited video of an engagement session can look like after being filmed in Washington D.C.

Still have questions?

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