A Cinematic Documentarian

Captures the day as it Happens with cinematic flair, timeless posing & professional input

Born & Raised in Baltimore...

Nate Templeton attended CCBC Essex. While majoring in business administration, personal finance, marketing and accounting, he never found his calling. Instead, after falling into the restaurant industry for 13 years, he worked his way from busboy, to cook, to wine director, and to even meeting and working with Gordon Ramsay himself.

After exiting the industry, he started shooting & editing wedding photography full-time. Eventually, he started learning & excelling at videography, which has since become his primary focus.

In addition to being passionate about videography, Nate is also an avid mountain biker, foodie, car nut, Ravens fan and loves movies.


Nate Templeton in all black with gold jewelry accents. Baltimore Wedding Videography Templeton Image

Since beginning wedding videography & photography in 2018, Nate has shot over 160 weddings and seen or encountered nearly every single wedding obstacle, hiccup, delay or issue. You want your wedding day to be as stress free as possible, so entrust it with a professional who is experienced, keen on timing, knowledgeable about the flow of a wedding, and prepared for nearly any situation.

Musicbed ambassador

A proud representative & Friend of the Brand for the filmmaking industires leading music licensing platform. Musicbed has partnered with esteemed brands like Nike, NBC, Google, Lamborghini, and Spotify, as well as entertainment powerhouses like Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, Netflix, MTV, and ESPN to elevate their projects. Now, they are the Official Music Provider for Templeton Image.

Nate Templeton sitting on a stool with sunglasses on posing. Baltimore Wedding Videography Templeton Image

Known for wearing a full suit to every single wedding, Nate has become known as "The Suited Shooter" but it's not just because of his outfit.  A suit represents professionalism and that is exactly what Nate strives to represent from the very beginning. An upscale, professional experience who someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, capable & equipped to capture either video, or photo, with a sharp suited eye.

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Favorite TV shows/movies

Drive (2011), The Dark Knight (2008), The Grand Tour, Dark, LotR, GoT, The Office, Interstellar (2014), Dune (2021), Battlestar Galactica (2004), Marvel > DC

Favorite Activities

Exploring, trying new restaurants, cooking, hiking, sunbathing, lounging

Favorite Things

Cars, camera gear, technology, leather boots, watches, food, nature, sunglasses

Favorite Pasttimes

Fat tire mountain biking, video games (PS4), binge watching shows, day-trips

Favorite Lens

"The Nifty Fifty" - Sony 50mm 1.8

Favorite Kind of Wedding

International destination, of course!

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Friggin' fantastic! Thank you, Nathan! You're the best. Looking forward to filming more with you. You are my person!

- Jennifer J.