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"My goal is for you to feel comfortable and to have fun while being filmed. Better yet, my wish is that you forget you're even in front of a camera at all.

The very best moments are the truly authentic ones where you don't know I'm there. While incorporating my photography experience into my films, I'm able to achieve effortless posing, timeless imagery & movement that still photos simply can not match."

- Nate Templeton

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Our wedding films will memorialize your special day with a heartfelt showing of life & emotion that photos simply can not match. 


Capture the essence of your business or brand and experience the creative process as we storyboard & produce your vision, set to your own beat.

Destination wedding Films & PROmotional videography for Baltimore, Washington D.C. & beyond.

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OHHHHH MYYYYY GODDDDDDD!!!! I LOVEEEEEEEE!!!! Hands down the best video work i've ever seen from any colleague in my career

- Jeet of Glam by Jeet