Destination Wedding Videography in Cabo San Lucias

Grab your virtual margaritas because we've got a tale to tell – the wild, windy, and wonderfully sun-soaked destination wedding saga of Shaniqua & James in Cabo San Lucas. Spoiler alert: It involves a hurricane, some rain-drenched romance, and a sunny finale!

Mother Nature decided to spin up some trouble in Cabo San Lucas by throwing a hurricane at us on the day of the wedding, which definitely added some tropical excitement.

But when life gives you lemons, throw that sour thing aside, or use it as a garnish, and make a hurricane cocktail instead!

Despite the weather, Shaniqua & James embraced the storm, proving that love is the ultimate force of nature. Our fearless couple didn't let a bit of atmospheric excitement rain on their parade. With hands in hand and love in their hearts, they danced through the storm, exchanging vows that would make even the clouds shed a tear, or two.

While we were sequestered inside for safety on the day of the wedding, the sun eventually did come out on the last day and the couple finally got outside for a post-wedding bridal session. Cue collective sighs of relief and a few "I told you so's". Shaniqua & James emerged from the storm stronger, more in love, and with a destination wedding film that could rival a Hollywood blockbuster.

So here's a reminder that if you weather the storm, you might just make it to see the sun shine.

Here's to love, no matter the weather. Cheers to sunshine after the storm and love that's as wild and unpredictable as the current off the coast of the Baja Peninsula.


Venue: Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos

Photo: Quamina Image, LLC

Video: Templeton Image